Would highly recommend Andrea to anyone

My family and I recently availed of Andrea Patterson’s complimentary Financial Review as we were interested in Life Assurance coverage. It was something that we had known for quite a while that we should have in place but, like many others, had put off going through the process of securing it. Finally, after the birth of our second child we knew that it was time to face our perceived discomfort of the process and ensure that we had proper coverage in place. Andrea was so friendly and did a fantastic job of walking us through the process – which was not nearly as painful as we had thought it would be. She was patient and happy toe xplain any terms or options that required further explanation. She took great care toensure that we were appropriately covered and that the final plan we went with was sustainable for our family. Above all, she was genuinely interested in our family and always made sure she interacted with and asked about the whole family (including our two little ones). It made all of the difference and we have so appreciated her time, care, and attention from beginning to end. We found the process to be easy and smooth and would highly recommend Andrea to anyone who might be seeking similar services.